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Many merchants struggle to provide consumers and clients with a convenient option to make debit and credit card payments without getting overcharged for each transaction. Allow us to demonstrate a better approach to process credit card payments.
accept Credit Card Payments
Many professional business are declared too problematic by banks to accept credit cards. We offer high risk credit card processing to you, Since we think that your company deserves the same opportunity to grow and thrive as any other.
Accept Online Payments
It is important for an E-commerce company to be able to accept credit cards online without incurring costly additional charges. We can set you up to accept online credit card payments for goods and services, making it simple for your consumers and cost-effective for you.

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Credit Card Processing

Find out more about your Credit Card Payment Processing Options

Surcharging And Cash Discount Programs

Save on rates and Fees by adding a Cash Discount option or Surcharge program with your account today.

High Risk Payment Gateway

Your payment processing account accepts credit cards with our seamless integration, learn more on how it works today.

eCommerce Credit Card Processing

Accept Online Credit Cards and expend your Business.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

We have the team and resources you need to run your business worldwide. Get stated with your offshore merchant account.


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    View our 2021 financial High Risk Merchant brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offered.

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    What is a high risk merchant account?

    A high risk merchant account is a payment processing account for merchants that are classified in a high risk category. Businesses operating in these industries require custom solutions from JLN Processing in order to obtain online credit card processing.